Baby Shower


Baby Shower

Last weekend, I helped host a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Molly. She’s actually the reason that I know my husband as I was friends with her in college before I met Francis. Molly is expecting her first child in March, a little baby girl, and I couldn’t be more excited to meet my FIFTH niece.

The theme of her baby shower was pink and yellow and rubber dickies. We tried to make ‘baby food’ as in miniature foods and make a lot of red/pink and yellow foods. It was a ‘brunch’ shower so there weren’t too many ‘heavy’ foods.

We also decorated with pink and yellow table clothes, pink and yellow tye-dye onsies and pink and yellow rubber ducky center pieces. Overall, I think this first shower that I’ve ever hosted was   a great success! Everyone seemed to really love the food and thought the decorations were adorable.

As favors, we gave out pink and yellow duck sugar cookies and little boxes of homemade truffles.We also had small bowls of the homemade truffles on each table so people could help themselves.







Dessert table

The food (recipes will be  coming in the following days):


Pomegranate lemonade
Regular lemonade

Main  Food:

Pizza bites  and pizza sauce
Mini mac and cheese bites
Mini blueberry muffins
Mini cranberry muffins
Spinach and artichoke dip in a pumpernickel breadbowl
Leek and Red Pepper mini-quiches
Fruit salad


Raspberry cream puffs
Oreo truffles (also in favor boxes)
Peppermint truffles (also in favor boxes)
Cookie dough truffles (also in favor boxes)
Berry trifle


Boxes of oreo, peppermint and cookie dough truffles
Pink and yellow duck sugar cookies

And just because I couldn’t resist…my niece Katie looking absolutely adorable at the shower:



3 Comments to “Baby Shower”

  1. So cute! the pomegranate lemonade sounds like a definite winner. How far in advance did/could you make the truffles, they sound delish

    • Thanks! I think everyone really liked the pink/yellow theme mixed in with the food. I made the truffles two days in advance, though I know from experience that they can be made a week in advance and just kept in the refrigerator in airtight tupperware. I’ve actually heard of people keeping them for a month in the refrigerator, but I’m still a little nervous to serve month-old truffles!

  2. This is such a cute baby shower theme! I love the pink and yellow! 🙂

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